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Developing Complex, Adaptive Leaders for a Changing World

Katherine Hosie, M.Sc. uses evidence-based coaching psychology to empower high-functioning leaders and their organizations

Katherine Hosie is one of only three coaches in the United States qualified to offer her clients the rigor of master’s-level evidence-based coaching psychology from the University of Sydney, which leads the world in this arena. Contrary to popular psychology and general self-help approaches most coaches offer, her leadership guidance is informed by methods that have been scientifically proven to produce results.

“I’ve been working with leaders for nearly two decades, helping them deeply understand what they truly value and care about so they have a strong compass for themselves and their team during times when everything else is in flux,” Katherine says. “Working with me, you're essentially working with someone who has seen what you're going through countless times before and who can help you navigate more quickly and easily, avoiding classic challenges faced by others and simplifying your approach.”

Evolving Beyond Performance Walls

Leaders between their early 30s and mid-50s almost invariably hit a performance wall, Katherine explains:

“I typically work with high-performing CEOs and senior leaders that have hit a wall. After experiencing considerable success they consistently encounter degrees of burnout and a sense of unsustainability for many reasons. They’ve read all the articles and books, emulated what they’ve seen elsewhere, and followed the advice of well-meaning mentors, but ultimately what’s lacking is their authentic leadership style.

“What worked for the first half of their career hits a wall as so many of their external, or extrinsic, motivations have run dry, particularly when they’ve enjoyed considerable success. It becomes time for leaders to discover what will truly drive them heading into the second half of their career: their intrinsic motivation. This challenge is meant to happen, and there are rich opportunities for growth and renewed motivation when it does, but most suffer in silence thinking there’s something wrong with them, when there’s not. They are exactly where they are meant to be. This is one of the primary reasons I work with a large proportion of male leaders — because almost invariably they’re not talking to anyone about what they are going through, so don’t realize they’re not alone.

“Additional causes of burnout they experience can include over-investment, an exhaustion that comes from constantly wearing their ‘game face,’ lack of balance in their lives as they abandoned things that used to make them happy in their well-intentioned commitment to become a good provider, husband, and father, as well as the burden and lack of appreciation from others that most leaders at the peak of their career experience.”

Katherine helps her clients overcome struggles such as:
* Leading in a VUCA world of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity
* Experience of overwhelm due to the volume and pace of change
* Workaholism and other attempts to "bind anxiety"
* Midlife ennui and lack of meaning
* Feelings of inauthenticity and boredom
* Disengagement while needing to present as fully engaged
* Stagnation
* Primary relationships on autopilot and/or floundering
* Health and general negligence of their own well-being due to overwork

“It’s a challenging place to be, as they think it's just them,” says Katherine, “but it's not. It's normal and necessary for their evolution.”

Katherine helps these high-functioning leaders:

* Inject new meaning, authenticity, and sustainability into their career and life
* Clarify and align with their authentic leadership core and philosophy
* Harness their natural strengths and what truly motivates and drives them
* Master peak-performance habits that build and sustain their results over time
* Essentially get their mojo back

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